DC Universe Online Releases Dark Nights: Metal Episode Featuring The Batman Who Laughs

Another episode for DC Universe Online was released this week to add the first of two big content [...]

Another episode for DC Universe Online was released this week to add the first of two big content drops from DC's Dark Nights: Metal comic book series. It's called "Episode 35: Metal Part I, and it contains more gear, events, and missions for players to partake in. As one of the biggest and most notable parts of the update, heroes and villains like The Red Death, The Merciless, and The Batman Who Laughs.

Daybreak Games released the big Dark Nights: Metal-fueled update this week and shared the trailer above to show what some of the new characters will look like in the game. The update's been released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and it's only the first of what's to come from the game's Metal episodes.

"Batman has gone missing and the race for Metal has begun!" an announcement about the release said. "The Dark Knights and the Justice League scour the universe for rare forms of Metal - the keys to victory in the war between the Multiverse and the Darkness. As heroes and villains alike race across Earth, Oa, Themyscira, and beyond, the Bruce Waynes of the Dark Multiverse hatch plans of their own. Metal Part I features new daily and weekly Open World missions, a Solo and Alert, as well as normal and Elite versions of two new Raids."

New events like raids, elite raids, and open-world missions are in the game now that the update's out, and players can find many of those spread out throughout their "On Duty" menu. One of the most notable parts of the update that players will be taking part in is the new "Metal Gotham" mission featuring The Batman Who Laughs himself.

"The Batman Who Laughs has unleashed chaos on Gotham City to keep Batman's allies from finding the Dark Knight," the announcement said. "Dark Multiverse energy is infecting people, turning them into threats. He's cracked open Arkham Asylum, sending escaped inmates to run amok. Nightwing wants to protect Gotham City in Batman's absence. Killer Croc wants to protect his home turf. A mysterious benefactor has hired Deathstroke to gather exotic metals. Heroes and villains are working together to save the city from a greater threat."

If you're unsure where to start with all this content, DC Universe Online has you covered with a list rundown of which parts of this update you should tackle first.

This content should keep players busy for a while until "Episode 36: Metal Part II" releases in December 2019.