DC Universe Online Celebrates Seventh Anniversary With Giveaways, Special Event

It’s hard to believe that Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online has been running strong for [...]

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It's hard to believe that Daybreak Games' DC Universe Online has been running strong for several years now – and now it's celebrating its seventh anniversary. But the team isn't taking the day off for the celebration – it's got some new goodies that long-time fans of the game will easily enjoy.

Per this blog post, the team confirmed some new items that will debut in the game to celebrate the anniversary, along with the return of a beloved event.

"2018 is shaping up to be even better than 2017, just wait! We have really -big- plans and hope to be releasing details soon! In the meantime, come celebrate 7 wonderful years with us, take on the updated anniversary event, and enjoy these amazing gifts!" the team noted.

"Starting today, Members can claim a unique Member Box containing a suite of emblems modeled after Metal, the current special series from DC Comics, in-game posters of Earth 3's epic Superman vs. Ultraman art, and an already-unlocked Paradox Time Capsule! We are especially proud of how the emblems turned out, and hope you will enjoy this tie-in to the ongoing comic." (These goodies will be available through January 31st, and are limited to one claim per account.)

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All players will get a gift as well. "Also starting today, ALL players (members and non-members) can claim our swanky updated Dark Spector Batsuit for 2018. This Batsuit was originally restricted to tech heroes in Tier 2, and was always one of our fan favorites.

We updated the suit using some our art team's latest tricks and tech, retextured it, and present it to you now as a reminder of how far we've come over the years. We hope you will enjoy it for years to come." Again, they're available through January 31st.

"Finally, we want to invite our past members back with an extra special gift - select membership benefits for the rest of January! These benefits include access to all DLC content, all powersets, the unlimited cash cap, and so much more."

The team has also confirmed the return of Marks of Victory, which players are awarded through PvE activities, which can be used for gear, base systems and more. Players can also partake in Attack of the Anti-Monitor, a new event that introduces new styles and base items, as well as three new artifacts, as well as a new base pet – Superman's loyal canine, Krypto!

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DC Universe Online is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.