New Dead by Daylight Bundle Comes With Stranger Things DLC and More

Dead by Daylight is receiving a new physical release that bundles together the base game with [...]

Dead by Daylight is receiving a new physical release that bundles together the base game with three different Chapters' worth of content. This means it has a bunch of new maps, Killers, and Survivors to play with, some of which came from the most recent Stranger Things Chapter that added the Demogorgon among other characters. This version of the game called Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition will head to stores on December 10th and comes with the Stranger Things, Curtain Call, and Shattered Bloodline packaged into a $39.99 bundle.

Behaviour Interactive announced the Nightmare Edition bundle this week in a press release that detailed the contents of the new Dead by Daylight version. It'll be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and comes with those three Chapters mentioned above along with other bonuses like the Headcase Cosmetic Pack. It also comes with add-ons like The 80s Suitcase, The Bloodstained Sack, Of Flesh and Mud, and The Spark of Madness.

Those last two add-ons are older Chapters that contain The Hag and The Doctor as additional Killers among the other content included in the Chapters. With those in mind, you'll have five extra Killers in the Nightmare Edition on top of the base characters including more Survivors. Considering how the Chapters cost around $7 each, it's not a bad deal if you've never played Dead by Daylight or only played it during free trials.

Aside from getting the base game, the most attractive part of this deal is the Stranger Things DLC that it comes with. This Chapter was released back in September and came with Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as Survivors, the Demogorgon as a Killer, and the Underground Complex map.

Playing as the Demogorgon consists of blocking Survivors from repairing generators and traveling around the map quickly by using Portals. It's similar to an ability used by The Hag that lets her jump to a trap she's laid, and the Demogorgon only has a set number of them that can be put out at any given time.

"The Demogorgon impacts the environment close to generators, affects nearby Survivors, and uses Portals to travel quickly," Dead by Daylight's preview of the content said. "The Demogorgon starts with a limited number of Portals that can spawn on any flat floor or ground."

Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting on December 10th.