Dead by Daylight Nerfing Core Survivor System that "Hasn't Been Changed in a Long Time"

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive announced some sweeping changes for the game this week that touch on just about every component and system imaginable. One of those changes even deals with something which Behaviour said itself "hasn't been changed in a long time. That system is the time it takes to repair generators, and the way it's being changed isn't good news for Survivors.

Generators in Dead by Daylight have a certain number of "charges" players must progress through before they can be completed. That number of charges is currently 80 with a progression rate of about one per second, so if only one Survivor is on an objective, it'll take them 80 seconds to finish it barring any perks or superb skill checks that might assist in repairs.

In the changes detailed within the latest blog post from Behaviour, however, we learned that number of charges is changing. It's going up to 90 from 80 which means it'll take 10 more seconds for a solo Survivor to repair the generator. The reasoning for the change suggested that "many players" feel generators are powered on too quickly without borderline essential Killer perks like Hex: Ruin that slow down progression.

"Many players feel like generators are powered too quickly without these perks, so we knew we needed to look at generators before making any perk changes," Behaviour said. "Slowdown perks should be an option, but not the only option to stay competitive."

If this sounds like an unprecedented change, Behaviour followed that up to confirm that it has indeed been "a long time" since this system was altered in this manner. A quick look back at the patch notes history for Dead by Daylight shows that the last time the generator charges were increased was in Patch 1.5.0 in April 2017 when the number was raised to 80 charges.

In addition to this change, Behaviour is also making it so that "Kicking a generator will now instantly remove 2.5% of the maximum progress." Some perkes like Hex: Ruin are also being nerfed to reduce the reliance on Killers' generator-focused perks.

All these changes will be live next week on the PTB for testing, Behaviour confirmed, before they go live in a future update.