Dead by Daylight Updates Two Killers

Two of Dead by Daylight’s Killers have been updated more than usual following the release of the latest update. The chainsaw wielders known as the Hillbilly and the Cannibal both got updates that changed how their primary abilities work. In the case of the Cannibal, the goal was to lessen some of his weaknesses to make him a more viable option since he’s not picked very often. In the Hillbilly’s case, the changes should make resource management more important for his players while still maintaining power when his abilities are used correctly.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news of test server updates and upcoming changes to Dead by Daylight, you likely saw the adjustments for the two Killers previewed already. Overheat mechanics have been added to the chainsaws to prevent players from constantly revving their weapons without actually making use of it. Both Killers’ perks have also been updated to accommodate their new abilities.

For those who haven’t been following along, you can find the key changes for both Killers listed below.

The Cannibal

“Added Chainsaw Sweep charges. Using the Chainsaw will consume a charge and trigger a Chainsaw Sweep,” Behaviour Interactive said about the changes. “During this time, The Cannibal can extend the Chainsaw Sweep by pressing the power button before the power bar fully depletes. The more charges are used, the longer the miss cooldown / tantrum (if colliding with obstacles).”

  • The Cannibal starts with 3 charges
  • Triggering the chainsaw will start a Chainsaw Sweep that lasts 2 seconds
  • During the Sweep, each charge used after that will reset the Chainsaw Sweep timer back to 2 seconds
  • Each additional charge used increases the missed chainsaw attack cooldown / tantrum duration by 1 second
  • Charges refill at a rate of 1 charge every 4 seconds when the chainsaw is not being used
  • The Cannibal’s maximum speed during a Chainsaw Sweep has increased to 5.29 m/s from 5.06 m/s

While the Cannibal doesn’t technically have an overheat mechanic, his system functions similarly in that he will throw a tantrum if you rev the chainsaw for too long. This locks you out of your chainsaw for at least five seconds assuming no add-ons you have change this, so don’t be revving your chainsaw constantly to keep Survivors guessing.

The Hillbilly

“Added the overheat mechanic. Using the chainsaw will now build up heat,” Behaviour said about the Hillbilly’s update. “When reaching the maximum amount of heat, the chainsaw overheats and cannot be used until it has cooled off.”

  • The chainsaw heat meter starts at 0.
  • Starting a rev adds 5 charges.
  • Actively revving adds 8 charges per second
  • Actively sprinting adds 2 charges per second
  • When not using the chainsaw, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of -5 charges per second
  • When the chainsaw overheats, the heat meter dissipates at a rate of -6.6 charges per second

Your chainsaw overheats at 100 charges, but it won’t interrupt your action if you’re mid-sprint already.

The Hillbilly’s perks were also updated slightly. Franklin’s Demise will get rid of an item players drop if they don’t pick it up within a certain amount of time, Knock Out further inhibits downed players by making them crawl slower at first and be affected by the Blindness status, Lightborn now grants immunity to flashlights and firecrackers, and Tinkerer now activates at a lower percentage and grants players the Undetectable effect when activated.

Dead by Daylight’s latest patch with the two Killer updates is now live on consoles and PC.

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