Dead by Daylight Is Teasing a New Chapter

Behaviour Interactive is once again teasing a new Dead by Daylight Chapter with an ominous video that gives just a brief look at what’s to come. Chapter 15 will be the next installment in the asymmetrical game, and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’ll involve chains somehow. We don’t yet know what this Chapter will be focused on, but if past teasers are any indication, we’ll see more of the fifteenth expansion quite soon.

The teaser shows a chain being scraped across a gravel floor for a few seconds. After two slight tugs, it’s pulled taut by something on one end of it. It shakes for a second before the video cuts away to the game’s logo.

There’s not much to go off of from what’s seen in the trailer, but there are a few interesting details to note. One of the first interpretations of the teaser is that something or someone is connected to the end of the chain on the right side and is pulling it off-screen. Dead by Daylight Killers are pretty much always humanoid in nature with the furthest it strays from that being the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, so it’s easy to imagine someone on the right-most side of the chain pulling it to its limit, especially considering how it appears to be anchored to something down low on the left side.

But what if the person (or thing) pulling the chain to the right isn’t the one who’s imprisoned by it? When the chain is pulled to its limit, there’s blood on the last few links to the left. If there’s no blood on the other parts of the chain, one could imagine that whatever’s connected to the chain is on the left side and probably isn’t a willing participant.


From this teaser alone, the community has already started drawing some of their own conclusions. As far as licensed Killers go, one of the first options that’s been suggested is someone from the Hellraiser series. The use of chains and perhaps the torturing of someone on the other end of it would line up perfectly with what Pinhead and company are about. Dead by Daylight occasionally gives the Killers different names other than the one’s they’re known as, so it could easily get by with referring to the Killer as a more generic term like “Cenobite” to get around calling it one specific character.

It could also be that this is a totally original character from Behaviour Interactive which means there’s not really any point in speculating at all. The developer will likely have more details and a full trailer shared in the coming weeks though, so it shouldn’t be too long before we get to know more.