Dead by Daylight Update Lets Players Earn More Bloodpoints Than Ever Before

Following a substantial Dead by Daylight update which affected systems that hadn't been changed in a long time and rebalanced tons of perks, Behaviour Interactive is following up that patch with yet another one that includes some similarly significant changes. Some of those include one change that'll affect not the amount of Bloodpoints players earn from different activities but the amount of Bloodpoints players can earn overall. Behaviour is raising the Bloodpoint cap to the highest level that it's ever been with players soon able to hold up to 2 million Bloodpoints at any given time.

The Bloodpoint change detailed in the developer update for July came after Behaviour talked about the new prestige system present in Dead by Daylight and how it works following the last update. The cost of prestiging is going down to give players more opportunities to do so, and after confirming that, Behaviour said the Bloodpoint cap is increasing.

"Speaking of Bloodpoints, the 1,000,000 cap has long been a topic for discussion, and we felt this was a fitting time to revisit it," Behaviour's post said. "We are raising the cap to 2,000,000 Bloodpoints. As always, bonus Bloodpoints from things like login rewards, promocodes, or player support will exceed this cap."

Back on the subject of the prestige system, Behaviour also confirmed the new costs of the prestige nodes introduced in the previous update.

"Beyond add-ons, we've also received some feedback on the cost of prestiging. In the PTB, the prestige node cost 50,000 Bloodpoints," Behaviour said. "While it may not sound like much, it could take several games to afford. We are reducing the cost of this node to 20,000 Bloodpoints to make progressing a little smoother."

Will the Bloodpoint cap of 2 million affect every player? Almost certainly not. In fact, it probably won't affect anywhere close to the majority of players given that most people likely spend their Bloodpoints as they come to push different Killers and Survivors through their respective Bloodwebs. For those who have been playing often or those to take advantage of things like all the Bloodpoint giveaways and events, however, you'll be able to amass twice as many now.

This Bloodpoint cap change will be introduced in the game's Mid-Chapter Update releasing later this month.