Dead by Daylight Quiz Gives Players Chance at 1 Million Bloodpoints

Dead by Daylight is doing yet another Bloodpoint giveaway, but this one works a bit different from the ones we've seen before. You don't need a code nor do you even have to play Dead by Daylight matches to earn the Bloodpoints – all you have to do is complete a 50-question quiz and perform well enough to be entered to win. The prize is 1 million Bloodpoints, but the catch is that it's a sweepstakes of sorts which doesn't guarantee a win, and on top of that, the quiz is a bit tougher than some might expect.

If you're interested in testing your Dead by Daylight knowledge, you can try your hand at the quiz by visiting the link below. You'll have to include your player ID to get started, and having it wrong means you won't win no matter how proficient you are when it comes to Dead by Daylight quizzes, so be sure that's accurate before you get going. You've only got from now until July 2nd at 10 a.m. ET to complete the quiz, however.

The quiz consists of 50 questions with players earning points based on how many they get right. Each question is worth two points, the rules state, with a score of 90-100 putting you in the running for the 1 million Bloodpoints. Behaviour Interactive said it would give away that prize to 100 players, so while sweepstakes never really seem to provide much hope of winning, you'll at least have a better chance than if only a few players were picked.

A quick look through the questions showed the variety of topics they deal with. Things such as the effects of perks as well as more specific questions like how many knives the Trickster starts a match with deal with the gameplay side of things, but there are also lore-based questions, too, to check how familiar players are with the narratives and backstories of different characters.


You can take the quiz by yourself if you want to see how you do, but naturally, players have already taken to sharing the answers within forums to help others out. With that in mind, don't be surprised if there are plenty of players in contention for the Bloodpoint prize.