Dead by Daylight Updates Freddy Krueger and More Killers

Dead by Daylight's latest update has gone live on the game's test servers, and with that comes a number of changes for several different Killers. Freddy Krueger, the Killer who's better known as "The Nightmare" in Dead by Daylight, was one of the main characters affected by the update with the Killer getting nerfed in a number of ways to take away some of his power. The Twins, The Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and The Huntress were all also changed with the latest Killer, The Trickster, getting buffed as well.

For those who can access the PTB to try out all the changes on the game's test servers, you can do so now with the 4.7.0 update already released there. For those who can't and have to wait for the live release, Behaviour Interactive shared the patch notes within the game's forums so everyone can see what's new.

You can find the notes relating to each of the individual Killers affected by the update below. It's worth noting that the changes listed for The Trickster are identical to the ones released in the latest bugfix patch that's now live, but they're up on the test servers as well since they're so new. The Doctor also received some small changes, but none of them affected gameplay like the adjustments for the other Killers, so we've omitted them here.

The Trickster


  • Increased movement speed while in the throw state and while actively throwing Blades
  • Decreased the recoil intensity and angle variation while throwing Blades
  • Removed the spread while throwing Blades
  • Decreased the Blade wind up time
  • Increased the Blade wind down time
  • Increased the time before the Laceration Meter begins decaying
  • Increased Main Event movement speed
  • Decreased Showstopper's cooldown after Main Event has ended
  • Modified the Trickster's Laceration meter artwork so that it is more clear when the meter is full vs partially full


  • Decreased the effects of movement speed addons to account for the baseline movement speed increases in the above section:
  • Killing Part Chords from 0.054 m/s to 0.04 m/s
  • Caged Heart Shoes from 0.13 m/s to 0.1 m/s
  • Iridescent Photocard will now injure survivors at maximum laceration

The Twins

  • Charlotte can now rotate while waking up
  • Victor's failed Pounce cooldown is 5 seconds (was 3 seconds)
  • Silencing Cloth grants Undetectable for 20 seconds (was 12 seconds)
  • Iridescent Pendant inflicts Exposed for 30 seconds (was 12 seconds)

The Demogorgon

  • Traverse the Upside Down cooldown: 10 seconds (was 14 seconds)
  • Normal Traverse the Upside Down velocity: 20 m/s (was 17 m/s)
  • Undetectable lasts 3 seconds after Traversing the Upside Down (was 2 seconds)
  • Black Heart: Reduces cooldown time after a successful Shred attack by 20%
  • Rat Liver: +5% movement speed while charging Shred (was 9%)
  • Rat Tail: +25% action speed while opening a portal (was 50%)
  • Rotten Pumpkin: When traversing the Upside Down, the portal you enter is destroyed, bloodpoints earned
  • Barb's Glasses: Slightly increases Shred recovery speed when breaking a pallet
  • Rotten Green Tripe: Increases Killer movement Speed while traversing the Upside Down by 15% (was 25%)
  • Sticky Lining: increases the radius in which Survivors can be detected by Of the Abyss by 2.5m (was 1.5m)
  • Brass Case Lighter: Inflicts 60 seconds of Blindness (was 45 seconds)
  • Deer Lung: Decreases Upside Down traversal speed by 30% (was 40%), now reduces portal count by 2
  • Eleven's Soda: Shows yellow Auras for Generators being repaired while traversing the Upside Down
  • Thorny Vines: Seal time +10% (was 14%), detection radius 1m (was 1.5m)
  • Lifeguard Whistle: Survivors near activated Portals are indicated by Killer Instinct without having to charge Of the Abyss
  • Unknown Egg: Reduces power recovery time after traversing the Upside Down by 1.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds)
  • Leprose Lichen: Survivor auras linger for 3 seconds after emerging from a portal
  • Red Moss: When traversing the Upside Down, The Demogorgon emerges from the target portal silently but more slowly; also the subsequent Undetectable status lasts for 3 seconds instead of 2

The Nightmare


  • Move speed now adjusted to 4.0 m/s while charging a Dream Snare
  • Dream Snare charges reduced to 5 (was 8)
  • Drean Pallet charges reduced to 7 (was 10)
  • Using a Clock to wake up prevents going to sleep for 30 seconds; this effect includes when getting hit by Freddy
  • Added a new Killer Power visual behind the Survivor portraits to indicate the 30 second sleep immunity timer
  • Black Box: When a Gate is opened, the Entity blocks it for sleeping Survivors for 10 seconds
  • Jump Rope: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their grunts of pain are 50% louder
  • Outdoor Rope: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their generator repairs can be heard from 8 meters further away
  • Swing Chains: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their footsteps are 50% louder

The Huntress

  • Berus Toxin becomes Yellowed Cloth: +10% Hatchet flight speed
  • Coarse Stone: The grunts of pain from hit targets are increased by 50% until they are fully healed
  • Amanita Toxin: Hit target suffers from the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Leather Loop: Now Rare
  • Deerskin Gloves: Now Rare
  • Fine Stone becomes Weighted Head: Hit target suffers from the Incapacitated status effect for 10 seconds
  • Yew Seed Brew is now Wooden Fox: Now Very Rare; grants the Undetectable status effect for 10 seconds after reloading
  • Yew Seed Concoction is now Rose Root: +20% Hatchet flight speed
  • Pungent Fiale is now Soldier's Puttee: Now Ultra Rare; The Huntress moves 4.6 m/s when she has no Hatchets
  • Venomous Concoction: Inflicts Exhausted status for 5 seconds (was 90 seconds)
  • Iridescent Head: Prevents carrying more than one Hatchet