Dead by Daylight Previews Updated Mori System

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive said not long ago that it'd be reworking the game's Memento Mori system, the climactic finish where a Killer is able to live up to their name by killing off a Survivor. Circumstances around the existing system sometimes made it hard to appreciate the Mori let alone to pull one off in the first place, so the new system is meant to guarantee that Killers and Survivors get to see the spectacle of a Mori.

As Behaviour said before, this new Mori system will trigger whenever there's one Survivor left and that player gets downed. After that happens, the Mori gets underway for all to see.

"When the last Survivor is downed, the trial will draw to a climactic end," Behaviour said. "Both the Survivor and Killer will be moved to a preset point on the map, free of any obstructions that may get in the way, and the Killer's Mori animation will begin. Any Survivors still in the trial will be killed by The Entity and treated like a sacrifice."

That part was known, and for those who were excited about it, you'll be happy to see it's remained exactly as expected based on past teasers. But for the Survivor players who worry that this new Mori system will promote annoying habits where Killers leave players downed and just rush for a Mori kill instead of actually trying to hook players and play the game as intended, you're in luck: Survivors are getting something out of this, too, beyond a cinematic loss. Being the last remaining Survivor triggers the "Last Standing" phase where Killers and Survivors have heightened senses and wider fields of view, and if a Killer tries to leave you on the ground to pursue someone else for the Mori finish, you have a new chance at getting back up and saving yourself.

"With this new system in place, leaving Survivors on the ground (A.K.A. 'Slugging') may seem more appealing, opening the possibility of ending the match early," Behaviour said. "But the Survivors aren't going to give up without a fight: After being left on the ground for 45 seconds, Survivors will now gain the ability to pick themselves up without the need of any Perks. This time is affected by recovery speed effects."

The Memento Mori Offerings will still be sticking around, but under this new system, they'll grant bonus Bloodpoints for Killers based on how many Survivors were killed before the match ends with a Mori.

Dead by Daylight's updated Mori system is not yet ready to head to the PTB for testing, but it'll be there soon.