Dead Or Alive 6 Introduces Diego, Brings Back Classic Fighter Rig

Heading into EVO 2018 this weekend, we expected to hear something from Koei Tecmo about Dead Or Alive 6. And, boy, have we.

Per this report from IGN, we've learned about an all new combatant that'll be making his debut in the game. Not only that, but one of the fighters from Dead Or Alive 5 will also be making a return.

First off, there's Diego, a spitfire fighter that doesn't hold back when he lets his fists do the talking. Here's the intro to his character provided by IGN and Koei Tecmo:

A street-fighting brawler who grew up in the back alleys of New York, newcomer Diego brings a range of hard-hitting moves including headbutts and tackles when he makes his Dead or Alive debut. Diego started entering street matches to win money to support his ailing mother, and quickly became known as New York's "uncrowned street hero." With a talent for fighting in confined quarters, his anything-goes full-body-contact move-set is visceral and raw.

You can see Diego in action in the trailer above.

And then there's Rig, and his description can be found below:

Returning from Dead or Alive 5 is antagonist and taekwondo master Rig. As before, the former oil-platform worker uses a variety of kick-based attacks, but in Dead or Alive 6 his style has evolved to incorporate more dynamic and acrobatic moves as well. Rig can be seen in the new trailer challenging Diego to fight, bringing him into the Dead or Alive ring for the first time.

You can catch him in action in the gameplay clip below, where he tries to teach Diego a thing or two.

During the presentation, Koei Tecmo also confirmed that Dead Or Alive 6 will be featured at EVO 2018 in Las Vegas this weekend with a special "EVO Showdown." Here, fans can watch the rounds of the Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Evo Tournament, while at the same time checking out some new gameplay featuring the likes of Kasumi, Hayate and perhaps the new fighters as well. We'll see who gets in on the action in a few days.

Dead Or Alive 6 releases in spring 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


(Hat tip to IGN for the scoop!)