Dead Rising 4’s Odd Golf Expansion Coming Later This Month

There are game expansions, and then there are game expansions that are so delightfully weird, you [...]


There are game expansions, and then there are game expansions that are so delightfully weird, you can't possibly miss out on them if you're a fan of the original release. And, in this case, Dead Rising 4 fans have a lot of crazy stuff to catch up on later this month.

Capcom has announced today that the latest expansion for its zombie-bashing fest will make its way to Xbox One, Steam and Windows PC on June 20th. Titled Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, it's not quite what you'd expect when it comes to additional content.

"With oversized golf balls and customizable clubs, players will drive long and hard down the fairways of Willamette in search of the perfect putt. Grab your golf loving friends for 4-player co-op or go solo on the zombie infested course. But watch your score – you definitely don't want to bogey on this course!" the company noted in its press statement.

The expansion is set to sell for $9.99 upon its release through Microsoft Store and Steam, or it'll be free of charge to those that already have the game's Season Pass. If you don't have it yet, you can pick it up for $19.99 and take advantage of the other content that's available in the game, including stuff that expands the general storyline – including a chapter where Frank West, the main hero for Dead Rising 4, ends up being a zombie.

Even though sales for Dead Rising 4 haven't been quite what Capcom was expecting, the game has been a fine return to form for many fans, focusing more on the general hero for the series, photographer Frank West, and his many antics when it comes to bringing the undead down for the count. We reviewed it late last year and found it to be a highly enjoyable sequel, with enough Christmas-based antics to go around. And the addition of Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf is likely to keep that fun going for some time.

Dead Rising 4 is available now for Xbox One, Steam and Windows PC. Check it out if you're in the mood to do a little bashing.