New 'Death Stranding' Trademarks Hint at Multiplayer Details

While we still don't know all of the details regarding Death Stranding that we'd like to, that [...]

While we still don't know all of the details regarding Death Stranding that we'd like to, that hasn't stopped fans from questioning everything that Hideo Kojima and team unveil. That said, new trademarks filed by Kojima Productions may point to some interesting multiplayer details.

We already know that Death Stranding is likely going to be quite the wild ride. Additionally, the game's multiplayer has been hinted at in the past from the likes of Norman Reedus and Kojima himself. Specific details have been kept under wraps, but these trademarks definitely play into the collaborative efforts that have been previously teased.

As can be seen in the tweets above from trademark_bot, two very interesting pieces of information are listed - "social strand system" and "strand game." These definitely sound like they pertain to the multiplayer part of Death Stranding. With as odd as everything seems so far, the likes of a "social strand system" certainly fit.

Norman Reedus, who will be taking on the role of Sam Porter in the upcoming title, recently talked about how Death Stranding will bring players together. "The concept is so far out into the future," he said. "Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it's bringing everyone together. It's a very positive video game, but scary and depressing at the same time."

In addition to this, science fiction and horror author F. Paul Wilson met with Hideo Kojima last year, after which he said that he thinks Death Stranding "will be a transformative online experience."

Piecing together everything paints quite the interesting picture, and while it is incomplete as of now, players are surely in for a treat when Death Stranding arrives on the PlayStation 4 at some point in the future. Speaking of which, no release date is set, but development on the title seems to be coming along nicely. Here's to hoping we'll learn more about it in the near future.

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