Death Stranding Video Previews Features from Next Update

Death Stranding’s next big update is releasing this month to fix a few things players have taken issue with since the game’s launch. New options and features will be included in the update that’s scheduled for a mid-December release, according to an earlier announcement from Kojima Productions, and a new video that’s been released this week shows off what some of those new features and fixes will look like once they’re added.

The video below was shared by Kojima Productions on Friday to show off the contents of the next update. Players will be able to dispose of vehicles to get them out of their way when they’re ambling around the map to deliver packages, and a change regarding those packages themselves will make it so that players can see Odradek through the cargo that’s on players’ backs. One of the changes that’ll be most welcome is the option to increase the text size so that things are easier to read which has been one of the main complaints about the game.

Kojima Productions’ tweet about the update showed a quick rundown of the highlights of the patch and can be seen below along with the video.

Back when the update was first previewed by Kojima Productions, players had their own requests for features that they’d like to see added in this update or in future ones. Those include music players and a photo mode for players to take pictures with during their travels, but it’s unclear when or even if those types of features might be added.


Our review of Death Stranding acknowledged some of the problems that the game had whether they could be fixed with an update or not, but those issues weren’t enough to keep the game from getting a perfect score. You can read part of that review below with the full look at Death Stranding seen here.

“There’s so many more things I want to say about Death Stranding; it’s labyrinthine story; it’s inspired and original art direction; its exceptional implementation of its equally excellent soundtrack; and how it all runs well -- while looking incredible -- on a basic ol’ PS4. There’s also the negatives: the long animations you’ll watch over and over again; how there’s too many damn rocks in the game designed specifically and expertly to be the bane of your existence; and how the game treats its side content as nothing more than filler to pad its 50-hour core experience. I could talk forever and then some about Death Stranding, but ultimately all you need to know is that despite some shortcomings, it's one of the best games of 2019.”