'Daredevil' Star Deborah Ann Woll to Star in New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Streaming Show

Deborah Ann Woll will serve as the DM in a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons show, which will launch in [...]

Deborah Ann Woll will serve as the DM in a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons show, which will launch in 2019.

Geek & Sundry has announced Relics & Rarities, a new show premiering on its streaming channel Alpha in February 2019. The series will star Woll, one of the stars of the recently cancelled Daredevil series, as the DM of a brand-new D&D campaign set entirely in a world created by Woll herself.

Woll is a well-known D&D enthusiast and has spoken about her time playing D&D on the sets of Daredevil and True Blood. Woll has appeared in episodes of the D&D live-play series Force Grey as a player, and recently DMed a one-shot adventure during D&D's Stream of Many Eyes event.

The core cast of the show includes Tommy Walker (Daredevil, Henry Danger), Julia Dennis (Lofty Dreams, What Would You Do), Jasmine Bhullar (Starter Kit: Vampire the Masquerade, Twitch's ThatBronzeGirl) and Xander Jeanneret (King of Nerds, Sagas of Sundry). Celebrity guests will also appear in every episode.

The series is described as "part procedural" and seems to involve a murder of some kind. The storyline will also involve players racing to stop an unholy prophecy from coming to fruition.

A press release for the series teases that Relics & Rarities will be a bit more than a typical D&D campaign. Geek & Sundry designed an intricate set for the new series, seen in the video above, and it seems that the show will feature real-world props and puzzles in addition to the typical dice-rolling action and imaginative role-playing of a normal Dungeons & Dragons game.

Coincidentally, Woll is appearing on tonight's episode of Critical Role, another D&D series originally produced by Geek & Sundry.

The new show will be available on Alpha in February 2019. We'll have more information on the new series as it becomes available.