Demon's Souls Remaster May Be Coming to PS4

It looks like a Demon's Souls remaster may be coming to PlayStation 4. During a new episode of [...]

It looks like a Demon's Souls remaster may be coming to PlayStation 4. During a new episode of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, host Colin Moriarty -- a former IGN editor with a long and notable history of reporting on PlayStation -- seemingly teased that a Demon's Souls remaster for PS4 is not only in the works, but may be announced very soon.

"There was one game in particular, a remaster coming out for PlayStation 4, that I thought they [Sony] were going to announce today [at State of Play], but they didn't. I don't know what they are waiting for with that one. Let's just say the soul still burns with that one." Upon saying this, Moriarty let out a subtle, teasing chuckle, drawing attention to his hint, before the conversation moved on.

As you can see, Moriarty never outright names Demon's Souls, but it's pretty obvious what he's getting at with the "soul still burns" part. And when you consider the rumors -- and previous evidence -- that has been pointing to a Demon's Soul's remaster for awhile now, well it becomes increasingly obvious what Moriarty is suggesting. The question is: who's making it? Well, the aforementioned evidence -- which is a term I'm using somewhat loosely -- points to Bluepoint, the makers of the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, the Shadow of the Colossus, and other PS4 remasters. In the past, Bluepoint has alluded to its next project as being its biggest yet. Further, the studio teased that it believes fans will be very receptive to what it has cooking up.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt or two. Not only is there no official information here, but there's also a hunk of speculation. In other words, don't go betting your house at the bookies on this one. The only thing worse than there being no Demon's Souls remaster, is being homeless in a world where there's no Demon's Souls PS4 remaster.

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