Destiny 2 Talks More About Curse Of Osiris Content, Including A New Raid Lair

Watch Curse of Osiris Reveal - November 15th @ 11am Pacific from Bungie on www.twitch.tvToday’s [...]

Watch Curse of Osiris Reveal - November 15th @ 11am Pacific from Bungie on

Today's live-stream of Destiny 2, hosted by Bungie, was a pretty good one. Not only did we learn about new voice talent that's being involved with the Curse of Osiris expansion, but we also got to learn more about the abundant content it'll be offering when it debuts on PlayStation 4 next month, and Xbox One and PC soon after that.

One area where players will be able to explore in the forthcoming expansion is the Infinite Forest. This area was actually put together by the Vex, which they use with searching for important information. Osiris, the main character that the expansion revolves around, feels like this could be a dangerous situation, so he sets out to stop them.

What's interesting about the Infinite Forest is how it actually opens up a new, unexplored planet within Destiny 2 – Mercury. It turns out that the gate where you can enter the forest is stationed there, and it ties in with Osiris' lighthouse, which some players may remember from the original Destiny after completing the Trials of Osiris.

The live-stream, which has been archived above, shows off the first steps you take within this patrol area, looking pretty fantastic thus far. It is just a teaser, though, as Bungie obviously wants to save a few surprises for when the content actually arrives. We get that.

In addition, Bungie also revealed a new activity that will be known as "Raid Lair." This serves as a revamping of the raids as we've come to know them in the game, with new areas being added so players can be challenged. For instance, the Leviathan raid, which was introduced a while back, will see some new areas added, along with some puzzles to solve and a boss that will pack a lot of loot.

Whereas some players may prefer a new raid altogether, this is actually a neat idea, as it builds upon familiar territory, while at the same time challenging players to stay on their guard, in the hopes of winning that precious loot.

It's unknown if Bungie will have the "Raid Lair" set to go when the content arrives next month, but they're sure to keep us posted.

The Curse of Osiris expansion arrives on December 5th for PlayStation 4, and will release for Xbox One and PC at a later time. Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.