Get An Early Look At Destiny 2’s Curse Of Osiris Expansion

Destiny 2 has a few different expansions lined up, with the first, Curse of Osiris, which is set [...]

Destiny 2 has a few different expansions lined up, with the first, Curse of Osiris, which is set to arrive December 5th. But you can get a good look of what it's all about in just a matter of hours.

That's because Bungie will be hosting a live stream that focuses primarily on a first look at the Curse expansion, set to kick off tomorrow morning, November 15th, at 11 AM PDT. It's unknown just how much Bungie is going to show during the showcase, but more than likely, we'll get an idea of its missions, as well as what possible gear we can earn over the course of the expansion. We're talking hours of gameplay here.

Ikora Rey, one of the key characters in Curse of Osiris, explains what it's all about here: "While we have been fighting, an ancient gate has opened on Mercury. And an army of past and future machines amasses. They intend to reshape the universe in their image. But there is one who has glimpsed this dark future. He was my mentor: Osiris, the most notorious Guardian in Vanguard history.

"Once, his dangerous ideas nearly destroyed us, and he was banished. Now he has returned. But will he be a powerful ally, or bring us death?

"You are the one thing they have not foreseen. Go to Mercury and find Osiris. Time is not on our side."

Along with hours worth of gameplay, the Curse of Osiris expansion will also open up a new social space known as the Lighthouse, which hasn't been open since players were able to ace the Trials of Osiris run in the original Destiny. Needless to say, it'll be a welcome sight to some, especially those looking for friends to join up in some co-op.

You can check out the trailer above to get you excited for the live stream, and we'll bring you any important details that come from it. You can purchase the add-ons separately, or purchase the Destiny 2 Season Pass for $34.99 to get all three expansions in one shot.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.