Destiny 2 Expansion Leak Reveals New Enemies, More Details

d2 reveal

Destiny 2 has had a rough go at things since it launched last year. Though Bungie has made many chances to the game since then, many players feel as though it may be too little, too late. Though there were many enjoyable aspects to the game, included the added story which was missing from the first title. The expansions also shed some interesting light on the lore behind this franchise, prompting those still playing to wonder what's next. According to a recent leak, a lot actually.

Keep in mind the most recent leak comes from 4Chan, a place rife with falsities and those just looking for a cheap thrill. That being said, some of the information in the most recent leak has lined up with previous tid-bits in the past. So, despite its source - we're still sharing but with a warning to take it with a grain of salt, as with any other leak not yet confirmed by the developers themselves.

According to an anonymous user, the next expansion will be called "Summoning of the Nine" (codenamed "Comet") and will have 10 story missions and four new strikes to offer players. Additionally, according to them, the "Storyline revolves around Uldren resurfacing with an army of Fallen soldiers to rescue his sister from the Nine."

Here are some of the other bullet points they mentioned in their leak, alongside a promise that "this will fix EVERYTHING that is wrong.":

  • Comet expansion is called "Summoning of Nine" and is being released on September 7
  • Nine are forced to unleash the Nastareth to stop Uldren's army - brand new enemy race of Void demons
  • Nastareth are led by Nezarec, the main antagonist of the expansion beside Uldren
  • Nezarec is the former tenth member of the Nine who was banished for betraying his brethren
  • The expansion's new raid is called: "Tomb of Eternity," and revolves around stopping Nezarec for good
  • The Nine are met during the expansion's campaign, and help you stop Nezarec
  • 2 new destinations, the Reef, and the Void
  • Brand new cooperative activity known as the "Court," details on this are scarce at the moment, but it's a brand new PvE activity new to the Destiny series

We'll know more about the new expansion, and what else Bungie has up their sleeves, at their livestream on June 5 at 9 AM Pacific. You can watch it right here.