Destiny 2 Video Digs Deep Into Bungie's Flawed Weapon System

With the first big expansion for Destiny 2 on the horizon bringing with it Season 2 and loads of [...]


With the first big expansion for Destiny 2 on the horizon bringing with it Season 2 and loads of new content, many players have been hopeful for a few key changes to the game's mechanics as well. Bungie made a lot of adjustments to certain aspects in the game since the original Destiny came out years ago, and the most notable was that of how they handled their weaponry in-game. Some liked the new category system, where others like the YouTuber below misses the older way of doing things.

'The Legend Himself' aired those grievances on his YouTube channel to discuss Bungie's revamped weapon system and why it's inherently wrong. Not only are their fewer weapon picks this go around, he also took issue for the now mandatory two gun variation between the different gun types for the additional slot. Check out the video below to see for yourself what he had to say:

According to the video above, the way the weapon system is set up, and how it differs from Destiny 1, doesn't just affect the game as a whole - the problems also bleed into the game's PvP. PvP is a huge part of the post-campaign appeal. The "forced" focus on the powerful Rocket launchers limits, according to him, players to stay close to one weapon type - though arguably there are still a lot of choices to choose from and doesn't hyper focus quite like he's implying. But the point of how accessible Rocket Launchers are does bring up one of the many issues players keep bringing up: that Destiny 2 is tailored to the more casual player. But here's the thing - Bungie has been clear about that since way before the game's release. The focus on raids and prestige strikes adds that layer of challenge - but even those are impacted by the weapon changes.

There is no doubt that Destiny 2 has some room for improvement, and perhaps Season 2 will see much of that fan feedback reflected. Until then, Curse of Osiris brings an all new storyline come December 5th for all platforms.