Detective Pikachu Hilariously Explained In Under a Minute

Now that we've got a live-action Detective Pikachu movie that literally no one asked for, many who [...]

Now that we've got a live-action Detective Pikachu movie that literally no one asked for, many who haven't played the game itself may be wondering a few key questions like "why does he suddenly talk?" "Why isn't Danny DeVito playing him?" Or maybe simply, "Why?" Those are all valid questions, and ones that the Lore in a Minute crew over on YouTube hope to answer. Ish.

The hardcore drinkin' Pikachu is an unlikely friend to Tim after he loses his father and the rest? The rest is ... well, you can see it in the video above. Just in case you're not in an area where you can watch the hilarity first hand, you can always check out the official transcript below courtesy of the content creators themselves:

"Twenty years ago, the laboratory known as the PCL was founded in Ryme City to study and care for Pokemon, but over time, bizarre Pokemon attacks in the city made reporters at the GNN network suspicious. It was around this time that loving father Harry Goodman was involved in a mysterious car crash. Though his Pikachu companion survived the accident, Harry disappeared without a trace.

Two months after the accident, Harry's son Tim has arrived in Ryme City looking for answers. Instead, he'll discover a gruff Pikachu in a deerstalker hat with a weakness for coffee, clues and the ladies. But Tim's new partnership will be a bolt of brilliance when he discovers he can understand this new Detective Pikachu. Unfortunately, his hind-leg stance has slowed his speedy nature and his thunderbolt is a thunder-dud.

While Tim coordinates with the humans of the Baker Detective Agency, Detective Pikachu will chat up the local Pokemon. Together, they'll run left or right through the city streets, Harry's old apartment and the shady labs at the PCL to discover Tim's father's fate and the dark secret plaguing Ryme City. Thankfully, Tim's partner's not just a detective, he's a great detective... and a giant amiibo! And also Ryan Reynolds."

But hey, at least we have that giant amiibo! We love the crew over at Lore and they have given us some great videos in the past! We've covered more than a few of them ourselves here at ComicBook, be sure to check out their channel and show them some love.