'Detective Pikachu' Game Gets a US Release and a Mega-Sized Amiibo

Detective Pikachu is finally coming to the United States... and this time he's making a huge [...]

Detective Pikachu is finally coming to the United States... and this time he's making a huge entrance.

Nintendo just announced that the Detective Pikachu game would be making its way to the United States on March 23, 2018, two years after it was released in Japan. The Nintendo 3DS game would include the already released first chapter along with a never-before-seen second chapter.

For those out of the loop, Detective Pikachu is a spinoff Pokemon game that stars a talking Pikachu and his human partner. Detective Pikachu is gruff, grumpy, and loves coffee, but he also can't use attacks like normal Pokemon.

Recently, Legendary Pictures announced they were working on a live-action Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu. The Get Down's Justice Smith will co-star as Detective Pikachu's human partner and Big Little Lies' Kathryn Newton will play a human journalist who gets caught up in the case Detective Pikachu is investigating.

You can check out the first official trailer above, which features the English voices for both Detective Pikachu and his human partner Tim. Unfortunately, it appears that Danny DeVito will not play Detective Pikachu despite the best efforts of the Internet.

The new release will feature both English and Japanese voice acting, along with subtitles for French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese.

Nintendo also announced its first new amiibo in months: a new mega-sized Detective Pikachu that will unlock in-game hints for trainers. As befitting for Detective Pikachu's immense prowess and charisma, this Amiibo is over twice the size of a normal amiibo. You can see how it towers over a puny non-Detective Pikachu amiibo below:

The Detective Pikachu amiibo will take up nearly the full screen of a player's Nintendo 3DS when they use it.

Detective Pikachu will be released in the United States, Japan, and Europe on March 23rd. We're guessing that players will need to pre-order that amiibo soon if they actually want to purchase one without heading to the expensive amiibo secondary market.