Devolver Digital’s E3 Event Will No Longer Be A Public Affair

Devolver Digital announced some big plans for what it’s doing outside of the Electronic [...]


Devolver Digital announced some big plans for what it's doing outside of the Electronic Entertainment Expo a few weeks ago, with not only its own press conference, but also a neat little picnic area where attendees could stop by, grab some food and indulge in the company's forthcoming games. Unfortunately, those plans are no longer set in stone.

The press conference is still happening, and the company will still hold an event across the street for particular press appointments (as it's done in years' past), but, sadly, the event will no longer be open to general attendees. But it's not Devolver Digital's fault – it just couldn't get the proper permit to make it happen.

"We regretfully inform the public that we have been denied the necessary special use permits to enable us to host the fan-badge portion of the recently-announced Devolver Indie Picnic at E3 this year," it noted. That means it's limited only to those that have appointments.

"Opening up more space for the public to experience a unique and memorable celebration of games was something we very much wanted to do for fans who, like us, love video games," it noted. "We are saddened that we will be unable to share that with them but look forward to working on future opportunities to do so."

Fans will still be able to check out a particular number of its games at the Indiebooth within the expo hall itself, though the experience just won't be the same without the sheer magic of sitting in a trailer park, enjoying a drink and indulging in a few rounds of Absolver. At the very least, Devolver Digital is likely planning for a big event down the road, possibly as soon as PAX West when it happens in late August.

Don't let it get you down too much – the press conference should still be open to fans, though we're still awaiting official details on when and where it'll go down. We'll keep you informed once the information becomes available – and just what the publisher will have in mind in terms of a showcase.