Dice Throne: Santa vs. Krampus Announced

A new Dice Throne expansion adds two Christmas-themed characters to the ever-growing and popular dice game franchise. Earlier this week, Dice Throne launched the Kickstarter for Dice Throne: Santa vs. Krampus, a new battle box that will add the two Yuletide characters to the board game franchise. The battle box will allow players to immediately jump into a standalone battle between Santa and Krampus, or use them to play against other Dice Throne characters. Players can also use the characters in Dice Throne Adventures. As of press time, the Kickstarter has raised over $500,000 and met its initial funding goal.

Dice Throne is a battling game that's often described as a mix of Yahtzee and Magic: The Gathering. Each Dice Throne character comes with several abilities that are activated when players are able to accumulate specific combinations of dice over the course of three turns. Players may also upgrade their abilities over the course of the game and play other cards that either manipulate dice rolls or activate other effects over the course of the game. Players attempt to reduce their opponent's health to zero to win, and there are variations that allow for more players to join in the action as well. A cooperative version of the game - Dice Throne Adventures - is also available. 

Since the launch of Dice Throne in 2018, the makers of the game have expanded the franchise to include 16 core characters. A Marvel version of the game is also due to be released this summer, with all eight Marvel heroes compatible with the core Dice Throne experience.

Backers of the Dice Throne Kickstarter will receive a copy of the Dice Throne: Santa vs. Krampus battle box with a $35 pledge. Players can also collect a full version of Dice Throne containing all versions of the game with a $300 pledge. The Kickstarter will remain open through July 18th.