DIE RPG Coming to Kickstarter in November

A crowdfunding campaign for the RPG based on the hit Image Comics series DIE will launch on Kickstarter in November. The announcement appeared in the final issue of DIE, which was released this week, with creator Kieron Gillen confirming the news on social media and in his newsletter shortly afterwards. The British publisher Rook, Rowan & Decard, maker of the Heart and Spire RPGs, will manage the publishing and production of the new book. The new RPG will consist of a new version of Gillen's beta version of the rules, called DIE Core, as well as rules for a longer campaign experience. Artist Stephanie Hans will contribute new art for the RPG.

"DIE is a comic about roleplaying games, and we make those!" Rook, Rowan & Decard designer Grant Howitt said about the game on Twitter. "It's lovely to be involved in something so metatextual and strange. It's also lovely to have Kieron written the text instead of me, which is what often happens with books we publish." More details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

DIE (the comic) is about a group of adults who as children were sucked into the fantasy world where their tabletop roleplaying game was set. In the present day, the group (now missing a member) are sucked into the world a second time and have to confront their past. The beta version of DIE (the roleplaying game) places players into the role of teenagers who find themselves in a similar experience - sucked into the world of a roleplaying game. To separate the role of the actual player from the fictional one, DIE refers to a player's persona (the fictional character they control) and the character (the RPG character their persona controls) which has an archetype (an equivalent to class.) Checks are made using a pool of D6, which may or may not include a "bad dice" that potentially takes away a success. Each player can also potentially add a second type of dice determined by their archetype during certain situations. 


You can check out the full beta for the DIE RPG here. You can also check out the Kickstarter project page to sign up for more notifications on when the project starts.