Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Delayed

Disney Dreamlight Valley's DreamSnaps feature will remain broken a little longer.

Last week, Disney Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft announced a new hotfix update meant to fix some of the recent issues surrounding the game's DreamSnaps. While a specific release date was never announced, it was supposed to release this week, and would have fixed "Game Initialization Error #201" as well as issues like the DreamSnaps menu not even appearing on Xbox. Gameloft also promised a gift to thank fans for their patience. While that hotfix is still on the way, the game's official Twitter account has revealed that it has been pushed back, and will now release "early next week."

"While we had hoped to share the upcoming hotfix with all of you this week, due to some circumstances outside of our control, we are shifting the targeted release to early next week," the game's official Twitter account states. "We really appreciate your patience and will share more info soon!"

Unsurprisingly, news of the update's delay has been met with frustration from players. DreamSnaps is the first real community element added to the game, with weekly photo challenges that players can participate in and vote on. Submitting DreamSnap entries and voting on submissions results in free Moonstones, which is Disney Dreamlight Valley's in-game currency. Some players have encountered fewer issues than others, and have had no problem participating in the challenges; it's easy to see why some fans might be frustrated that certain players are able to earn Moonstones right now while others can't!

Despite these issues, new DreamSnap challenges continue to be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley on a weekly basis. The most-recent of these competitions was revealed a few days ago, and has a theme revolving around fire and water. There are some really interesting things that can be done with that concept, and it will be interesting to see what players are able to come up with. Hopefully the DreamSnaps hotfix will be available over the next few days, giving everyone ample time to join in on the theme!

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