Disney Lorcana Reveals New Details

Ravensburger has provided players with a new tidbit of Disney Lorcana information, with the upcoming Disney card game about a year from release. At Essen Spiel over the weekend, Ravensburger announced that Disney Lorcana cards would have six official "ink colors" – Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Steel. Each ink color corresponds to a different color of card in the game, although what archetype each color represents is unclear.  We'll note that the promo cards released during D23 Expo each corresponded with one of the six ink color types. No other information was provided during the Essen Spiel presentation.

Disney Lorcana is a new trading card game set to be published by Ravensburger in 2023. Each player is an "Illumineer," a sorcerer with the ability to summon various characters from across Disney's many stories. Characters summoned by players are "Glimmers" of actual Disney characters, and the game will involve quests of some kind along with an overarching storyline. 

Disney Lorcana will also be supported by a robust Organized Play system designed to help ease newcomers to trading card games into the play experience. In an interview with ComicBook.com, veteran game designer Ryan Miller spoke about his excitement of seeing Disney Lorcana come to life.  "I always say that making games is kind of like that feeling you get when you bought someone a gift and they haven't gotten it yet, and you're excited for them to open it," Miller said. It's that kind of excitement that I feel every time I work on a game, and I've never been more excited about any game I've worked on before Disney Lorcana."

Disney Lorcana will be released in Fall 2023. 

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