Disney Lorcana Reveals First Cards, More Details

The first cards for Disney Lorcana have been revealed. Today, Ravensburger revealed a set of six Disney Lorcana cards, which will be sold at D23 Expo this weekend. The D23 Expo Collector's Set will contain six cards with special foil treatments and special D23 and 1st Edition logos. Ravensburger, the publisher of Disney Lorcana, noted that all six cards in the Collector's Set will also appear in the first Disney Lorcana set, which will be officially titled Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. 

The following cards will be included in the D23 Expo Collector's Set

  • Stitch – Rock Star (Illus. Simangaliso Sibaya)
  • Elsa – Snow Queen (Illus. Nicholas Kole)  
  • Cruella de Vil – Miserable as Usual (Illus. Nicholas Kole) 
  • Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon (Illus. Luis Huerta)
  • Robin Hood – Unrivaled Archer (Illus. John Loren)  
  • Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist (Illus. Marcel Berg)
(Photo: Ravensburger)

The set includes a mix of classic Disney characters like Robin Hood and Captain Hook, along with newer characters like Stitch and Elsa. In an interview with ComicBook.com last week, Ravensburger North America Head of Games Cassidy Werner noted that the design team for the game had a "wishlist" of characters for the game. "During a 2021 summit, the design team went around and discussed our favorite Disney character and why they were our favorite Disney character," Werner said. "And we kind of made a wishlist of characters that includes not only who our favorite is, but also why we like them."

In Disney Lorcana, players will take on the mantle of an Illumineer, who use Glimmers of Disney characters taken from the Great Illuminary, a compendium of every Disney song and story ever made. Details about the new game and gameplay are largely being kept under wraps, but Ravensburger confirmed that while Disney Lorcana is intended to be an easy-to-learn game, the card game should still appeal to trading card game fans. "It's not a kid's game," said Disney Lorcana co-designer Ryan Miller. "It's an easy game to learn, in my opinion, and I've worked on eight or nine trading card games. So I think it's easy to get into, but I believe that there is a wealth of strategy. Once you get into the cards and you find the combinations and the synergies, there are a ton. Our team have come up with a card set that is truly exciting to delve into and to explore the different possibilities. So I'm really excited to see what the players come up with when they see this set and they start putting their own decks together."

Attendees who purchase a D23 Expo Collector's Set will also get a special Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor promo card for free. This card is not part of the D23 Expo Collector's Set and will come with a special pin. 

(Photo: Ravensburger)

Ravensburger plans to support the card game with four new sets of cards per year, along with a robust organized play system. "Organized play is a critical part of any trading card game," Miller told ComicBook.com. "My first job at Wizards of the Coast was judging Magic: The Gathering tournaments at the Game Center. And so we absolutely have a strong plan for organized play, and it starts at those core hobby stores, because we know that they are our partners." 

The organized play will also be geared to ease collectors into learning how to play the game. "We expect to get trading card game players, but we also expect to get a lot of Disney collectors that are just excited to play and collect their favorite characters," Miller said. "We want to make a welcoming, exciting experience for them as well. I always say that making games is kind of like that feeling you get when you bought someone a gift and they haven't gotten it yet, and you're excited for them to open it. It's that kind of excitement that I feel every time I work on a game, and I've never been more excited about any game I've worked on before Disney Lorcana.

The Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Collector's Set will cost $49.99 plus tax. Disney Lorcana will be released in Fall 2023. You can check out all six cards in the set below: 

(Photo: Ravensburger)
(Photo: Ravensburger)
(Photo: Ravensburger)
(Photo: Ravensburger)