Disney Mirrorverse Release Date Announced

Disney and mobile game developer Kabam have announced the release date for Disney Mirrorverse, the highly anticipated team-based action role-playing game for mobile, alongside a new trailer showing off some of the characters players can expect to see. The video game takes place in, as the name implies, a divergent universe apart from the normal Disney worlds where dark and light magic have elevated certain characters into Mirrorverse Guardians who fight against the Fractured, who seek to shatter both realities.

Basically, these are not your traditional Disney characters. Instead, they have been altered in some fantastical way to defend the Mirrorverse. Monsters, Inc.'s Sulley, for example, basically wears power armor crafted out of materials from the movie's Scare Floor. That includes, but is not limited to, a shield built out of a functioning door. You can check out the first trailer for Disney Mirrorverse for yourself below:

The actual gameplay should be fairly familiar to anyone that's played Kabam's other titles. Players control a team of characters that can be directed to attack in real-time or automatically. There's a story to explore, various quests, Alliances for asynchronous multiplayer, and more. The expectation is that new content will be released on a monthly basis, and while there's a pretty significant roster of 40 Disney characters already known to be ready to go, Kabam isn't quite ready to tease just how many of Disney's toys the developer is allowed to play with.

"The goal really is to give our players characters that resonate with them," said Mark Raham, Executive Producer on Disney Mirrorverse for Kabam, when asked about future additions to the roster during a recent interview with ComicBook.com. "And Disney's this wonderful, broad, global beloved brand. We want to make sure there's something in there for our players that they really resonate with. So, you'll see for sure the Elsas and the Jack Sparrows and sort of the franchise blockbuster characters."

Raham continued: "But you'll also see some dark horse picks that we know resonate with our audience. So, Scrooge McDuck is one. He hasn't been in a movie for a while, but we talked to our players. They grew up watching DuckTales, like, 'Scrooge is the man.' So, there are choices like that that once you understand kind of the depth and the breadth of what Disney means to people and the way that we can bring that out in our game, it really has kind of helped guide us in trying to give people an amazing experience that really resonates with who they are now, as well as who they were when they were kids."

As noted above, Disney Mirrorverse is officially set to launch for both iOS and Android mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play on June 23rd. The team-based, action role-playing game is developed by Kabam and features a number of Disney and Pixar characters. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Kabam right here.

What do you think about what we have seen of Disney Mirrorverse so far? Are you excited to check it out when it releases in June? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop in order to talk about all things gaming!