Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Getting His Own Series of Video Games

Duane Chapman, better known by his nickname "Dog the Bounty Hunter", is now poised to become a star in the world of video games. The longtime television personality revealed today that he has now signed a new deal that will see him lending his identity and likeness for the purpose of making games. The first game as part of this collaboration has yet to be announced, but it sounds like this definitely won't be a one-off venture. 

Chapman has specifically teamed up with Virtual Interactive Technologies in the pursuit of making video games based on "his persona". Details on what these games might actually look like weren't given, but it sounds like they could be of the mobile variety. This is to be believed because Virtual Interactive has said that it will look to bring these titles associated with Dog the Bounty Hunter to platforms in as soon as "the coming months." The fact that this will be such a quick turnaround tells us that said games will likely be smaller in scope. 

"After years of sharing my life on television, I'm thrilled to bring my many stories and experiences to the video gaming environment. I'm delighted to be working with Virtual Interactive Technologies and their experienced team," Chapman was in a statement accompanying today's announcement. 

"Collaborating with Dog and his team to help create unique experiences for our customers is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said  Jason Garber, the CEO of Virtual Interactive Technologies. "Dog's successful career in reality TV and his widely recognized persona will provide us with exceptional content to build a number of exciting and engaging games."

As a whole, this is a pretty strange announcement to see come about. The height of popularity for Dog the Bounty Hunter was surely well over a decade ago, so to make multiple video games about him in 2022 is a bit bizarre. Still, there will surely be an audience for whatever these games end up becoming, so it does make sense on that front. 

What do you think about the idea of a Dog the Bounty Hunter video game? Is that something you could even see yourself wanting to play? Let me know your reaction either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.