'DOOM Eternal' Gameplay Trailer Revealed

RIP AND TEAR! QuakeCon 2018 has officially kicked off, and the keynote is live. We just got our [...]

RIP AND TEAR! QuakeCon 2018 has officially kicked off, and the keynote is live. We just got our first look at DOOM Eternal gameplay, which somehow manages to look even more insane, and darker, than the original. Check it out above!

This is more of what we love. If you missed the first DOOM, it is absolutely worth picking up still. The game goes on sale very regularly, often for under $15, and it boasts one of the best first-person shooter campaigns we've every played.

Everything has been cranked up to 11! The DOOM-Slayer has received a huge upgrade to his armor and his arsenal, and he's deadlier than he's ever been. The demons have seen an upgrade as well, and you'll feel more badass than you ever have ripping and tearing. Perhaps the biggest upgrade we noticed in the demons is the procedural damage visuals.

Now, as you shoot and slice your way through Hell's minions, you'll see them visually taking damage along the way. Body parts will be missing, holes will be blown through their torsos, and deep cuts will affirm that you're making lethal progress.

In addition to his new weapons, armor, and takedowns, the DOOM-Slayer has also received some kinetic upgrades, as well. It looks like a new short-dash trigger will allow you to make last-minute dodges, and the "meat-hook" attachment will let you grapple to faraway enemies. We also saw the Slayer interacting with the environment in interesting ways (including climbing walls).

What makes DOOM, DOOM? It's the unrelenting pace of literally everything you do. Everything from ripping off a demon's arm to simply walking down a freaking hallway feels fast and intense. Combat is absolutely brutal, and never lets up. This is not Call of Duty, and you will never recover health by taking cover and waiting for things to calm down. If you want your health back and more ammunition, you're going to have to hunt down some demons and literally tear it from their bodies or slay them to get to the stashed health drops.

We're excited for this dark new chapter. Did the DOOM Eternal gameplay live up to your expectations? What else are you looking forward to learning about at QuakeCon? Let us know in the comments below!