New DOOM Eternal Trailer Released

With DOOM Eternal's March 20th release date quickly getting closer, promotion for the upcoming [...]

With DOOM Eternal's March 20th release date quickly getting closer, promotion for the upcoming game is starting to ramp up. Today, publisher Bethesda posted a new trailer for the game, which will also serve as a TV spot. In the trailer, players are treated to some new footage of the Doom Slayer readying some powerful looking weapons, including the Crucible Blade. Set to the track Rebel Renegade by Tommee Profit and Beacon Light, the trailer should get fans pretty pumped up to slay some demons when DOOM Eternal finally arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC next month!

Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal is a sequel to 2016's critically-acclaimed DOOM reboot. In the previous game, scientists attempted to solve the energy crisis on Earth by siphoning energy from an alternate dimension called Hell. Their experiments result in an invasion of Earth's colony on Mars, but the Doom Slayer is able to turn the tide against them, stranding the creatures in their own dimension. In the end, however, the game's protagonist is transported away by UAC scientist Samuel Hayden, who rationalizes that the risk from siphoning energy from Hell is worth it in order to save the planet. When DOOM Eternal picks up, Earth has been overrun by creatures from the dimension, so it would appear that Hayden's machinations have once again backfired in spectacular fashion!

While the DOOM remake had plenty of demons to kill, id Software is promising that Eternal will double that number, bringing in both new creatures, and some that appeared in earlier games in the series. As players inflict damage on those demons, the creatures will reflect those injuries, as limbs are lost, and body parts are destroyed. The game will also bring back an option for centered weapon placement, which was a staple of the classic, early DOOM games. Of course, FPS purists might prefer a more traditional approach, with the gun to the right side of the screen, and that's available, as well. Regardless, players will find plenty of ways to inflict pain on Hell's denizens throughout the game's 18-22 hour campaign.

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