Downwell’s Creator Joins The Ranks At Nintendo

There are a ton of innovative indie games making the rounds right now, but one that truly stands [...]


There are a ton of innovative indie games making the rounds right now, but one that truly stands out is Moppin's Downwell, an 8-bit style action game where you make your way down a series of treacherous levels, shooting at enemies and avoiding obstacles as you attempt to stay in one piece.

The creator of that game, Ojiro Fumoto, has become quite a driving force in retro gaming – and now he's moving on to bigger things, as he's just joined up with Nintendo.

Fumoto confirmed the news over Twitter this morning, and while he didn't provide specifics as to what his role will be with the company, he no doubt brings expertise to the table, especially as far as retro gaming skills are considered.

Loosely translated from Japanese, Fumoto noted, "I got the job on the Nintendo DS! I'll do my best to" and that's about it, indicating that he'll do the best he can on whatever project he works on.

Now, some people are questioning what this means for the future of the developers at Moppin, as well as the fate of Downwell. More than likely, Moppin might continue onward, but hasn't confirmed anything yet. As far as Downwell goes, that game remains in the hands of the publisher, Devolver Digital, and continues to sell quite well, so that will more than likely remain the same. As far as seeing a sequel, however, that probably isn't likely.

We'll see what happens to the rights of the game in the months ahead. Who knows, Nintendo might acquire it and make a proper sequel for the Nintendo Switch, or, at the very least, we'll see the original game ported over. After all, Devolver Digital is all about the Switch, since it released its action-packed Enter the Gungeon over the holiday season. So there's always a possibility.

In the meantime, we congratulate Fumoto on his new position, and wish him the best of luck with strengthening Nintendo's retro muscles on the Switch and other platforms. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

If you haven't checked out Downwell yet, you can do so now on mobile, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC.