WATCH: Dr Disrespect Destroys Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campers With Deranged Impression

The pace of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a bit slower compared to recent games in the series. [...]

The pace of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a bit slower compared to recent games in the series. Couple this with map design that discourages run n' gunin', and the result is lots of campers. There's always been campers in Call of Duty, but in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there's more than usual. Naturally, this has had a lot of players vexed since launch, especially players with a playstyle defined by constant quick movement, players like Dr Disrespect, who despises campers on such a deep level that very few players can relate. And thus, when the Two-Time finds himself on the wrong side of the kill cam involving a camper it's usually enough to set the streamer off, which is exactly what happened during a recent stream of his on Twitch.

At one point during an online match of the new Call of Duty, Dr Disrespect was killed by a camper who was strategically sitting around the corner, in a hidden position, waiting to blast anyone who went through the door they were watching. Unfortunately, for the Doc, it was him who went through the door, and he paid the price for it. As you would expect, the streamer wasn't happy about it, and quickly used the opportunity to roast the player and all campers with a crazy impression of the player who just killed him.

"F*****g guy is sitting there his whole life," said the Two-Time after giving his impression of the camper. "And it makes me sick!"

As you will know if you've played the game online, camping is a real problem, but personally I don't think it's ruining the game. Sure, every once in awhile you get a legendary camper who is always two steps ahead of you, but most of the time it's newer players who don't know the map well and aren't up to speed yet. And of course, there's ways to counter campers, and if you slow down a bit you'll find their strategy isn't that effective.

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