Dr Disrespect Has Been Unbanned from Twitch


Twitch streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is now back on Twitch, or at least his account is. Beahm faced a temporary ban that was in effect for the past two weeks which left him unable to stream and made his account inaccessible to his many followers. He hasn’t actually returned to Twitch himself for another stream since he was banned, but his fans are already waiting in his Twitch chat for the Champions Club founder to come back.

Beahm’s mandatory streaming hiatus began on June 12th when his account was temporarily banned after he filmed his first IRL stream. Tons of people on Twitch share IRL content with followers, but Beahm’s video was problematically filmed inside of a bathroom at E3. Twitch didn’t outright say publicly why the streamer had been banned which isn’t uncommon seeing how individual bans from platforms aren’t often discussed, though it certainly seemed like the video broke Twitch’s content guidelines that prohibit anything that could be considered “invasive of privacy or publicity rights.”

Regardless of the exact nature of his ban, Beahm’s Twitch channel is back online now. There’s no stream going on now at the time of publication, but that doesn’t mean people can’t fill the chat room to talk about his return.

Beahm’s been active on Twitter since his ban by retweeting others and sharing a look at his “under construction” Champions Club arena, so perhaps we’ll get an update on that as well during his next stream.

The streamer hasn’t given followers a precise time or date for when he’ll come back to the platform for his next stream, but a message from his account that appears in the chat every now and then says that an announcement will be made on Twitter.


"I love the Champions Club. Trust me, we're just getting started,” read a message from Beahm’s moderator in the chat which was said to come from the streamer on June 25th. “Love the incredible support ... Stream will resume TBD. Twitter will have all the answers.”

It’s unclear what answers we might actually get from these Twitter announcements though since people seem to already have a pretty good understanding of why he was banned. Perhaps he’ll share some additional details about what rules were broken and what this means for his future streams, though you can expect the streamer to be delivering these announcements in character whatever they may be.

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