Dr Disrespect Blasts Trend of Opening Loot Boxes on Streams

Given how prevalent loot boxes are in games nowadays and the rush associated with scoring [...]

Given how prevalent loot boxes are in games nowadays and the rush associated with scoring something from them that you've been hunting for, it's little surprise that some people find enjoyment in watching others open up loot boxes during streams. Others, however, don't care to watch people do that and would rather streamers just play the game itself and hop into another match. Based on his comments in a recent stream, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect appears to be part of the latter group.

Like many others, the streamer's been playing some Apex Legends recently. During one of his recent streams (via Dexerto), Dr Disrespect got a donation from someone who attached a message requesting that the streamer take some time to crack open about 80 or so Apex Packs. The streamer responded by taking a shot at the suggestion with some commentary on the whole trend of opening loot boxes on streams.

He asked in the clip above "Is that content? Sitting here opening packs? Me reacting to three little boxes and looking for a particular object?" He then followed that up with an alternate scenario, the one that the loot box naysayers would probably enjoy seeing more.

"Or do we go into a house, f---ing look a guy in his face, say you've got no chance," the streamer began. "Demolish him, knock him down. Reload the weapon. Swap shields, go outdoors, vertical climb to the top of the building. Look down at the second partner in the team, thrash his face once again, boom – knock his ass down. Now it's a 1v1 situation to win the game."

While others streamers might not share Dr Disrespect's view on opening loot boxes during streams as passionately as he does, it's not uncommon to see streamers sitting on plenty of unopened loot boxes regardless of what game they're playing. Many prefer to hop from one match to the next to keep the breaks between content to a minimum which means not pausing to open packs. We'll probably catch Dr Disrespect opening up those loot boxes at some point, but apparently not at the request of viewers.