WWE's Undertaker Calls Out Dr. Disrespect

Following last night's return during Super Showdown, WWE legend The Undertaker has called out and challenged Dr Disrespect, suggesting the two may meet in the ring at some point in the future. During a recent Twitch stream of the latter, a session of Overwatch was suddenly interrupted by a pre-recorded phone call from The Deadman himself. In this phone call, The Undertaker warns Dr Disrespect that he has trespassed on sacred ground, and that he has no patience for the Two-Time, who has been teasing a big new WWE appearance for awhile. According to The Undertaker, the WWE is his domain, and because of this, the Doc's transgressions will be punished.

"You've trespassed on sacred ground," said The Undertaker as he interrupted Dr Disrespect's stream. "I have no patience for the Two-Time. WWE is my domain -- my yard. Your transgressions will be punished. Dr Disrespect, you will rest in peace!"

After The Undertaker's call, Dr Disrespect runs off screen in fear, which again, suggests more will come of this in the future. Unfortunately though, for now, no further details about the situation have been revealed. However, if you're familiar with the WWE, you'll know this how beefs and promos start.

As you may know, Dr Disrespect has appeared on and worked with the WWE in the past, but nothing substantial has come from the blossoming partnership. However, it looks like that may change soon. Will The Undertaker and Dr Disrespect get in the ring with each other? I doubt it, but with Wrestlemania happening in April, who knows what will come of this.

The Undertaker himself isn't as active in the WWE as he used to be, but he did return this week, which suggests he may be around for a run of shows.


As for why the WWE would be interested in working with the streamer, it's simple: he's one of the biggest streamers and Internet personalities in the world. Further, his act and ability to divide opinion is literally quite perfect for the WWE.

Anyway, as always, feel free to drop a comment or two letting us know what you think. What do you think will come of this? Will the Two-Time soon become the Three-Time?