Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate Announced

Square Enix made good on its promise of Dragon Quest news this week by unveiling the next main [...]

Square Enix made good on its promise of Dragon Quest news this week by unveiling the next main installment in the acclaimed series. The next new Dragon Quest game in the works is Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. A logo was shown for the game during part of the Dragon Quest presentation, but unfortunately for those looking to learn more, that's about all that was given to Dragon Quest fans regarding this particular project.

You can check out the logo below after it was shown during the presentation. Dragon Quest game designer Yuji Horii spoke about the project after the logo was shown and offered some limited details on the new game. He mentioned that The Flames of Fate would be a "darker" take on the Dragon Quest world and that it was a Dragon Quest game geared more towards adults. The Command Battle system will be changed in the game, and it was teased that there'd be some decision-making asked of players, though how that'll be implemented remains to be seen.

When asked about the hardware the game would come to as well as the release date, the creators weren't able to offer any additional information. You can watch the playback of the event here if you missed it initially with an English interpretation of the designers' comments offered for the first time to make it more accessible to Dragon Quest fans.

Given that this event was a big celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series, it makes sense that this wasn't the only project that was announced by Square Enix. The company is also remaking Dragon Quest 3 with a trailer for that project shown off during the livestream event.

No indication of when a release date for the twelfth Dragon Quest game will be announced was given during the event, though the creators said they're currently working on the game and that it would be a big one.