Dream Claims PewDiePie Used His Name and Image as Clickbait in Recent Cheating Video

Popular YouTuber and Minecraft player Dream has accused one of the platform's biggest stars, [...]

Popular YouTuber and Minecraft player Dream has accused one of the platform's biggest stars, PewDiePie, of using clickbait in one of the creator's recent videos. Specifically, Dream is referencing a new video that went live from PewDiePie this past week titled "Top 10 Streamers Caught Cheating", which is a reference to a scandal that Dream was involved in earlier this year. The video in question even features Dream prominently in the thumbnail.

Not long after this video in question was posted, Dream took to Twitter to say that he thinks it's ironic that PewDiePie is using his name and image to bring in additional viewers to his channel. The main reason Dream thinks this is funny is because he says he has done the same thing with PewDiePie on his channel in the past. "Starts with me using PewDiePie for clickbait and ends up with him using me for clickbait," Dream said on social media. "The circle of YouTube."

Dream went on to stress that he wasn't mad whatsoever and had "no hard feelings" directed at PewDiePie. While he said that some people were mad on his own behalf, he acknowledged that the whole situation was one that he was "cool" with.

As for the accusation in question, Dream definitely might have made a pretty good point. Even though Dream himself is featured in the thumbnail, as mentioned, he's not really talked about by PewDiePie all that much in the actual video. As such, it definitely seems like PewDiePie may have just used Dream's image alongside the topic of cheating to pull in more viewers than normal. After all, Dream's cheating scandal was quite a hot topic earlier this year, so it would make sense for PewDiePie to try to lean into it a bit more considering how prolific it was.

So what do you think about this whole situation? Do you believe that Dream definitely has a point with this recent accusation? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.