Dune: Spice Wars Gets a Roadmap

The newish Dune: Spice Wars game from developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom which released in early access back in April now has a roadmap to give players an idea of where the game is headed in the future as more updates are released. The first of those updates will be released during the summer when two more features involving factions and multiplayer components are added, but as for the rest of the content shown off on the roadmap, it's too early to say when, exactly, the rest of the features will be released.

This new roadmap can be seen below courtesy of a tweet from the game's social account wherein we got a sneak peek at what's planned for Dune: Spice Wars. First up in the summer is a feature that's already an exciting one to look forward to: Multiplayer. The game currently only supports single-player experiences, but in the summer, we'll see a multiplayer option added that'll include either co-op or free-for-all PvP modes able to support up to four players at a time.

In a blog post associated with this roadmap, the developer naturally said that multiplayer was its priority right now which was a given seeing how it's the next update in line for release. After that, we'll see more content like another faction, more spaceports and units, councilors meant to represent major players from Dune, and more that's yet to be announced.

"Multiplayer is the current priority," the blog post said. "After that, several major features are planned, including an unannounced new faction, and bringing the iconic characters of Dune to life as councilors take to the map as controllable hero units. The Air & Sand Update will dig deeper into the warfare, introducing new units and tactical elements to the mix."

While the preview the roadmap offers is a helpful one, the creators stressed that "the list is not exhaustive" and that it'll have more improvements and features included in each update even if they're not explicitly mentioned within the roadmap.

Dune: Spice Wars is now available via Steam in early access, so look for more updates from the creators to be shared in the future to better define what's planned for the game.