'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Adds More Artificer Options

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement adds six additional subclasses for the revised Artificer. Last [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement adds six additional subclasses for the revised Artificer.

Last month, Dungeons & Dragons released a revised version of the Artificer class, a class of tinkerers that uses magic to fuel and power their inventions. While this new Artificer class is still in playtesting, fans and third parties are already expanding the Artificer with their own inventions.

Earlier this week, Christopher Walz, Alex Clippinger, and Christian Eichhorn released Tools of the Trade, a new supplement that adds five new Artificer subclasses on the DMs Guild. The DMs Guild is a marketplace co-owned by Wizards of the Coast that allows third parties to publish material using Dungeons & Dragons intellectual properties. Each of the subclasses in Tools of the Trade have radically different flavors and abilities that are synced up with the Revised Artificer and reflect the class's overall flexibility and adaptability both in and out of battle.

The impressive part about Tools of the Trade is how different the five subclasses feel. The Arcane Botanist is an Artificer with access to a handful of Druid spells and has the ability to add certain effects to their cantrips, while the Golemancer creates golems out of enemy corpses that can absorb and redirect lightning damage. The Ironclad Artificer is focused on creating and enhancing a mecha-like suit of armor that can be activated for a minute at a time. The Observer's abilities focus on the creation and deployment of drones that are invaluable for scouting out danger, and the Sapper creates miniature golems that serve as mines and traps in the battlefield. Finally, there's the Biomancer, which is all about using potions and alchemical effects to enhance their own body.

Honestly, the subclasses in Tools of the Trade feel a little more tidy than the two official subclasses for the Revised Artificer, although a few of the classes feel a little bit too specialized. I loved the Observer subclass, but I feel like its a subclass purely made with tactical prowess in mind. Still, there's a lot of intriguing options for players to look at, and the authors have promised even more content once the supplement hits a certain sales goal.

If you're looking to test the adaptability and versatility of the Artificer, give Tools of the Trade a look today!

Tools of the Trade is available to purchase for $3.45 on the DMs Guild.