Dungeons & Dragons Directors Provide Update on the Movie’s Production

In case you missed it, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie was recently delayed to 2022 thanks [...]

In case you missed it, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie was recently delayed to 2022 thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the actual work on the film continues according to directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. While they may not be able to actually go out and physically scout locations like they might want, the rest of the process is apparently chugging along in the background.

"We had just commenced on our second draft of Dungeons & Dragons," Goldstein said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter when asked what they were doing when stay-at-home orders started to come down. "We were able to go off and devote our time to that. On the other hand, we were supposed to be flying to the U.K. to scout in March."

"Once we got our scout dates, I think the next day they had basically shut down all travel to and from Europe," Daley added. "It obviously put everything in that sense on hold. That said, the studio and eOne and everyone over there remain cautiously optimistic about getting the ball rolling again as soon as possible, obviously in the safest possible way. We have turned in our second draft of the movie and are doing prep with storyboarding and visualizing sequences. That's stuff we can do from our homes as well."

"We do a weekly [meeting] with the studio where we all get on the phone and discuss the state of everything involved in the movie," Daley continued. "The only thing we have back-burnered is the actual physical scouting."

As part of the same interview, the directors also revealed the tone of the movie, noting that they "want it to be fun" in addition to a few other details. "It's not an out and out comedy," Goldstein said, "but it is an action-fantasy movie with a lot of comedic elements and characters we hope people will really get into and enjoy watching their adventures."

Dungeons & Dragons, the movie, is currently scheduled to release on May 27, 2022. It is set to be directed, as noted above, by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. No cast or exact plot details have been announced as of yet, and it sounds like casting is still in process. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming film right here.

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