'Dungeons & Dragons' Will Announce Four New Products Next Week

Dungeons & Dragons will announce four new products at their live event next week. The Dungeons & Dragons team is hosting D&D Live 2019: The Descent, a three day live event that will serve as the launch for their upcoming storyline. While D&D will announce their upcoming storyline adventure (which will be released later this year), game developers will also announce three other new products at the event. D&D's Senior Director Nathan Stewart and guest Alex Kammer "spoiled" the news during Stewart's monthly "Spoiler & Swag" livestream, which took place last Friday.

Kammer, who was visiting the D&D offices in Seattle as a reward for donating to Stewart's Extra Life charity campaign, hinted that one of the products was a box set of some kind that included dice and cards. Currently, Dungeons & Dragons' only box sets are Starter Sets for beginning players, so it's possible that this new box set is either a revamped Starter Set with more material, or something for players looking to take their next step after completing the Starter Set storyline.

We'll note that the Stream of Many Eyes, the event that announced the two Waterdeep adventures, featured two book announcements and several peripheral products, including a new dice set that came with a health tracker. It's possible that these new products could just be tie-in products to the next adventure book, or it could be something else entirely.

Stewart also noted that D&D Live 2019 would end with a "major announcement" of some kind and that fans would have to watch the announcement live to find out what it is.

D&D Live 2019: The Descent will take place May 17-19 in Los Angeles.

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