Dungeons & Dragons Gets a Surprise League of Legends Crossover

Dungeons & Dragons just got an (unofficial) crossover into the world of League of Legends. Earlier [...]

Dungeons & Dragons just got an (unofficial) crossover into the world of League of Legends. Earlier today, D&D Beyond unveiled Legends of Runeterra: Dark Tides of Bilgewater, a miniature campaign setting book detailing the Runeterra region of of Bilgewater. The digital publication, which was designed by D&D designers James Haeck, Makenzie de Armas, Celeste Conowitch, and Todd Kenreck, comes with everything a player needs to explore Bilgewater in D&D, with new monsters and items that should be recognizable to any League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra setting. The new campaign setting is a tie-in with Legends of Runeterra, Riot's new digital card game that uses the characters of League of Legends in a fast-paced card battle to destroy their opponent's Nexus. While Legends of Runeterra technically only came out in late April, the game has attracted a lot of praise, and even veteran players who played through the game's beta are still exploring the new Bilgewater cards, which came out with the game's release.

Legends of Runeterra: Dark Tides of Bilgewater is split into five chapters, one detailing the history and layout of Bilgewater, a chapter with three new subclasses - a Path of the Depths Barbarian, a Renegade Fighter that comes complete with a firearm, and a Wild Card Rogue, a chapter with a one-shot adventure, and then chapters with monster statblocks and magic items. Several notable NPCs are also included in the campaign settings, including the Champions Miss Fortune and Gangplank.

While not an official crossover between D&D and League of Legends (D&D Beyond is owned by Fandom and has a license to use official D&D content on their site), this campaign setting was still written by a veteran D&D team and is integrated into D&D's biggest digital platform. Also, the new subclasses are both thematic and balanced, and players will likely want to get their hands on that Renegade Fighter, who can upgrade their pistols or rifle as they level up.

You can check out Legends of Runeterra: Dark Tides of Bilgewater on D&D Beyond for free today.