Dark Alliance to Bring Dungeons & Dragons Mayhem to Consoles and PC in June

Dark Alliance, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons video game featuring the iconic drow ranger Drizzt [...]

Dark Alliance, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons video game featuring the iconic drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden, will launch on consoles and PC this summer Wizards of the Coast announced that the new game, which was developed by their in-house games studio Tuque Games, will be released on June 22nd on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBox One Consoles, and XBox Series X/S. The third-party action RPG stars Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall - Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Bruenor - as they battle their way through Icewind Dale in search of the infamous Crystal Shard and fight foes like frost giants, beholders and white dragons.

(Photo: Tuque Games)

ComicBook.com had the chance to play an early preview of Dark Alliance last month, with the chance to battle some Verbeeg as Drizzt himself during one of the game's early missions. Gameplay was mostly combat-focused, with players moving towards the Verbeeg camp while periodically fighting goblins and other minions. Each character in Dark Alliance has its own playstyle - Drizzt focused on devastating combos and quick attacks, while Catti-brie provided healing and ranged attacks to mow down foes. Each character also had a unique "ultimate" move that could deal out scores of damage in one go. Combat was fast but not overwhelming - while it lacked the complexity of a full-scale D&D encounter, Dark Alliance wasn't purely "hack & slash" either. During the playthrough, we often faced foes with different abilities, such as healing, buffs, or elemental damage that could quickly make a fight go south if they weren't dealt with quickly.

There were also a few out-of-combat choices to make between fights - in addition to discovering hidden treasures or completing side objectives, players could also opt to take a Short Rest to recover their health at the cost of losing some of their level-end bonuses. In addition to collecting loot that provides bonuses and boosts stats, players also gain XP in classic D&D style, unlocking new abilities as they go. In between missions, players can switch out characters or gear at a shared camp, which also serves as the hub to organize missions.

(Photo: Tuque Games)

Dark Alliance seems optimized for multiplayer play, with online play supported at launch. For those looking for an adventuring party, online matchmaking will also be available so that you can challenge the game's toughest foes with a full party. The preview's mission took only about 15-20 minutes to complete, the ideal length for cutting through foes without it feeling like too much of a grind.

Those interested in Dark Alliance can pre-order the game today at DarkAlliance.com. The game has two versions - a standard Digital Edition is available for $39.99, and a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes the just-announced "Echoes of the Blood War" expansion is available for $59.99. Players can also order a Steelbook Edition that contains a printed art book, a downloadable Dungeons & Dragons soundtrack, a Beholder and Lich weapon set, and access to the upcoming "Echoes of the Blood War" expansion for $59.99 at select retailers.