Hasbro Brings Back 1980s Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Toys

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Hasbro is releasing a set of four action figures featuring characters from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. The new Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics line will include three heroes from the cartoon – Diana the Acrobat, Hank the Ranger, and Bobby the Barbarian, along with a two-pack of series arch-villain Venger and Dungeon Master. Uni will also be included with Bobby's figure. Each figure will also include a different type of dice, which can be collected together for a full set. Diana, Hank, and Bobby's figures will each cost $24.99, while the Venger and Dungeon Master two-pack costs $49.99. The action figures are currently available for pre-order, with Venger and Dungeon Master being an exclusive to Target.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon originally aired on CBS from 1983 to 1985 as part of that network's Saturday morning cartoon block. The cartoon is basically an isekai anime, in which a group of kids from the real world gets transported to a fantasy world filled with D&D monsters and characters. The group is then given abilities (roughly corresponding to D&D classes at the time) by a character literally called the Dungeon Master and try to figure out a way home. Major antagonists of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon include the evil wizard Venger and the dragon goddess Tiamat, who the children occasionally manipulate for their own means.

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The characters of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon have been used more frequently in recent months, with Wizards of the Coast producing a special set of Magic: The Gathering cards featuring the characters. Additionally, likenesses of the characters were also used in the Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Starter Set adventure. 

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