These Dungeons & Dragons Dice Are Made of Moose Poop

An artisanal dice maker has a new set of polyhedral dice made of literal moose fecal matter. [...]

An artisanal dice maker has a new set of polyhedral dice made of literal moose fecal matter. Artisan Dice, a Texas-based boutique dice maker, is now selling "Moose Poop Dice," a set of polyhedral dice made for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games made from Arctic Swedish moose poop. The company, which specializes in making dice out of everything from Jack Daniel's barrel staves to gator jaws to actual rose petals, figured out a method to transform moose turds into usable dice.

Per the company's webpage, the Arctic swedish moose spends most of the winter foraging on woody stems and boughs, which gives its wintertime fecal matter the consistency of dry pellets made mostly of hard wood-like material. These pellets can be used as incense or incorporated into other (mostly niche) items like jewelry and paper. In this case, Artisan Dice baked the moose poop and then cast them into resin blanks, before polishing them up into high quality dice. The final product is a brown resin with flakes of wooden material baked into the dice themselves. Notably, the material these dice are made of are a seasonal material, as the moose's droppings change consistency as the seasons change.

While these dice are literally made of poop, they aren't cheap. A single d20 costs $43, while a full 10-dice set (containing a d4, 4d6, a d8, 2d10, a d12, and a d20) costs a whopping $213. Of course, that's because there's literally no other dice quite like these. If you're looking for a great gag gift for your DM, or maybe that problematic Dungeons & Dragons player in your life, be sure to check out Artisan Dice's webpage for more options. Plus, the dice are made of solid stock and don't have the balancing issues that other boutique, small batch dice sometimes have.