Dungeons & Dragons Movie Set Photos Show Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez on a Dragon Boat

New photos from the Dungeons & Dragons movie show Justice Smith, Chris Pine, and a scarred [...]

New photos from the Dungeons & Dragons movie show Justice Smith, Chris Pine, and a scarred Michelle Rodriguez on a dragon boat. Photographers from the Daily Mail have a few new set photos from the Dungeons & Dragons movie, which is currently filming in Northern Ireland. The photos show Justice Smith on set for the first time, along with a new look at Michelle Rodriguez in costume. While previous pictures of Rodriguez was with her wearing a reflective screen and a flowery blouse, the new photo shows her full face and in a sleeveless shirt, which shows off some scars on her arms. The Daily Mail also captured a look at Hugh Grant's costume, showing him wearing a long leather coat and a blue scarf. You can check out the Daily Mail's photos below, courtesy of the FR Wiki, which has been documenting filming of the movie. We'll also note that the boat's figurehead appears to be that of a copper dragon, which is a bit ironic as the figurehead appears to be made of copper (or more likely created to look like it was copper.)

Additionally, the Northern Ireland photo store PhotoGraft captured some high quality shots of the set, showing several knights at a dock.

The Dungeons & Dragons movie stars Pine, Smith, Grant, Rodriguez, and Rege-Jean Page and is an adaptation of the popular tabletop roleplaying game franchise of the same name. Details about the movie are being kept vague, although we've seen previous looks at both Rodriguez and Grant in costume. Outside of the fact that the movie is set in the Forgotten Realms, we still know very little about the actual movie. Scenes have been filmed at multiple historic locations across the British Isles, including Alnwick Castle and Wells Cathedral. Notably, Carrickfergus Castle has a banquet hall restored to its medieval look, which could explain the multi-day shoot there. Despite the general secrecy, optimism for the film is high, with co-star Page recently calling the script a "breath of fresh air" in a recent interview.

Dungeons & Dragons will be released in theaters on March 3, 2023.