Dungeons & Dragons Teases New Product

Dungeons & Dragons is teasing its next product. Yesterday, the official Twitter and Facebook pages for the popular tabletop game released a strange new teaser featuring images obscured in a set of crystals. "Through the depths of the Ethereal Plane is a beacon of possibility and adventure...," the teaser read. A strange creature is visible through the crystals as is a blurred out title written in a font similar to a traditional D&D book. We'll note that a number of freelancers who have previously worked with Wizards of the Coast also shared or commented on the Tweet, seemingly hinting that it's a new book of some kind. You can check out the full teaser below: 

The Ethereal Plane is a plane described as a "plane of ghosts and monsters" and served to connect the Material Plane with other planes of existence. Every location in the Material and Inner Planes is connected to the Ethereal Plane, so it's possible to spy upon specific people and planes in the Ethereal Plane, albeit through a view akin to frosted glass. When traveling through the Ethereal Plane, a person and their possessions aren't solid – they become ethereal and ghostly. There is no gravity in the Ethereal Plane and travel was conducted through sheer force of will – you simply needed to want to go to a location to start traveling there. Some creatures like Phase Spiders and ghosts naturally reside in the Ethereal Plane, while many other creatures use it as a way to travel between the planes. 

The new product seems to continue a multiversal theme started earlier this year with the release of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. That book (released initially as part of a gift set and available individually later this year) included updated monster stat blocks and player race rules for a number of creatures previously found in other D&D books. Wizards of the Coast also recently released Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, a new adventure book set within the Critical Role campaign setting of Exandria. 

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