Dungeons & Dragons Comes to Life With Pinfinity AR Pins

Dungeons & Dragons has some magical pins now available, thanks to the power of augmented reality. Earlier this month, Pinfinity released a set of three Dungeons & Dragons pins, each of which activates different effects when used with the free Pinfinity app. The pins include a D&D logo pin, a D20 pin, and a Dungeon Master pin, each of which comes with different animations and other cool in-app effects. For instance, scanning the D20 pin in the Pinfinity app (as seen in the video above) shows the dice rolling a natural 20 before unlocking DLC content and a selfie cam available on the Pinfinity app. The Dungeon Master pin, meanwhile, features a different monster each month, complete with a new animation. Each pin costs $11.99 and can be purchased on the Pinfinity website.

Pinfinity is a new pin company that utilizes a clever blend of high-quality enamel pins and patent pending AR technology for a new kind of collecting experience. Pinfinity works with tons of different brands, ranging from video game makers like CAPCOM, Bandi-Namco, and Bethesda to studios like Henson Studios and toy makers like Hasbro. Pinfinity even recently launched a subscription service called Pinfinity+ that comes with exclusive pins and discounted prices.

One of the neat things about Pinfinity is that some of the pins will provide a steady stream of dynamic content and artwork, meaning that you'll want to scan the pins over and over again. It's a unique blend of collectible pins and AR technology, with some huge brands involved.


You can check out Pinfinity's website for more details on the D&D pins. Be sure to check out Pinfinity's other awesome offerings as well!